General guidelines to ordering full custom invitations with Pink Tomato Creative

These guidelines are intended to prepare and educate and may be different depending on the stationer you choose.



They say timing is everything. And nothing is more true than when planning a wedding.


6-8 months prior to your wedding, plan to commit to your stationer, get your contract signed and pay your deposit or invoice, with an understanding of your costs and the general direction of the design of your invitation suite. Custom orders placed within 3 months of your wedding, will require payment in full, and possibly rush fees.

While keeping on task with a timeline for mailing your invitations, remember that when working with a custom designer, time is flexible and is open as the designer plans his or her schedules around delivery dates, workload, and depth of projects.

You may get a general idea of when you will get your first proof, but know that window might need cushion depending on how far out or close your date is in comparison with other orders.




Months 4 through 6 prior to your wedding date is the design and proofing stage.

Stay on task and timely with communication - in writing.

A designer will spend hours in front of your invitation, whether by handpainting or digital graphics. Be respectful of that time that they focus solely on you. Be respectful when communicating changes or corrections, make sure to include all of your initial changes effectively within 1 communication, and avoid

spoon-feeding changes to allow your designer to be efficient with the editing process. We do not like to delay the progress of reaching the production stage! 




Please make sure your design is approved no later than 3 months prior to your wedding date. Some designers require more than that depending on the scope of your design or their workload. 

Pay your final invoice immediately upon approval of the final proof. Most stationers include this requirement in your contract. This is a crucial time in the process as your stationer will not proceed with ordering your paper supplies, nor begin printing or production until your invoice is paid in full.

Any delay of providing any of your final details or payment could result in delayed production and delivery of your invitations, and ultimately, delayed mailing. Rush fees may apply in these cases.




Mail your invitations anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks prior to your RSVP date. 8 weeks (2 months) is always a safe round number allowing your guests ample time to plan and respond.

Get yourself an Emily Post Wedding Etiquette book. Know and understand the proper etiquette in how to address, assemble, what to include, and more importantly, what NOT to do.

We live in a world where everything is all about digital, convenience and no-fuss. But remember, your wedding and how you behave during the process will say a lot about you. Be mindful and courteous. Never assume what someone will or will not do. Never mail more invitations than seats. Never include registries. And above all, remember: While it is "your" day, it's really more about how you treat your guests and how you make them feel.

Best Wishes!


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